2015 Wisconsin Fireworks Cancellations

Rather than keep doing blog posts or announcements every time I hear about a cancellation, I decided it would probably be better to just put them all on a single page. So I will post the locations here that have previously been on my list, but as far as I can tell, will not be holding fireworks displays in 2015. If I have something wrong, or if you know of one that I don’t have, I and all the other users would sure appreciate it if you would contact me.

So here’s what I have so far – communities NOT holding fireworks in 2015:

Dane County, Wisconsin

  • Madison Rhythm & Booms Fireworks - Madison, Wisconsin (more info)

Racine County, Wisconsin

  • Sturtevant Fireworks Celebration - Sturtevant, Wisconsin (more info)

Sauk County, Wisconsin

  • Baraboo Independence Day - Baraboo, Wisconsin (more info)