Got Suggestions, Complaints, Feedback?

Please don’t ask me to email you with updates or cancellations. I can barely keep up as it is. Whatever information I have is posted to the site immediately. If it’s not here, then I probably don’t know.
Please remember that I don't put on any of the events, nor am I affiliated with them in any way shape or form - so if you have a specific question or complaint about a display, or don't like the fact that it's been canceled, or couldn't find a parking spot - I won't be able to help you. Stuff like that can go in the comments, though, if you think it would benefit other users.

I also can't help you if you want a booth or vending spot, or an entertainment gig - you'll have to contact the specific event.
  • Sorry about the math; just trying to prevent bots and spam.

    Please READ the disclaimer above the form before you hit the submit button! You can also check the FAQ. I won't have time to answer specific event questions.